The Codols Team are Audiovisual Creators with an eye for design, films, architecture and visual arts.

We are a creative team dedicated to transmit good ideas through multimedia and audio visual arts Passionate to create and participate on unique and inspiring projects. Video production, web and graphic design


There is something more important than logic: the imagination.

Alfred Hitchcock

The Codols team believe in using technology and audiovisual language as a platform for creativity. We transmit emotions and sensations through visual art and communication.

We are committed to each project. We explore and analyse our customer’s needs in order to create a tailor-made solution, in line with the company objectives.


1Explore all possible forms of expression that exist in the different areas of multimedia arts.

2Develop, produce and work on projects related to communication, video and design.

3Transmit  emotions through videos and multimedia with direct messages and content.